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As a substitute teacher, you’re a very important person to students, school staff, and the community. We are very pleased that you have chosen to join the Bayfield School District! Our goal is to provide the best education for every child, every day, and each employee is a vital part of that mission. As a substitute, you’re asked to step in with short notice to help maintain the continuity and stability that is so important to the school program…Thank you for all your support!


1. Submit a Bayfield School District Application Online
2. Apply for a Colorado Substitute Authorization
    • If you currently do not have a valid Colorado substitute authorization we can guide you through the process to apply on the Colorado Department of Education website.
    • To complete the authorization process you will need to complete a background check process that involves a special code. The administration office will contact you with that code once the school district application is complete and you have been interviewed.
    • Preference will be given to applicants with a current Colorado Department of Education Substitute Authorization attached to their application.

Pay Rate is $120/day