Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!!

 Welcome to the Bayfield School District Transportation Department. Our goal is to provide every student with a safe, efficient, and comfortable trip.  

We have a very experienced staff of professional drivers and aides who are dedicated to the care of all Bayfield students. 

We have a fleet of 14 buses, including 4 propane powered buses and a brand new activity bus!  We also have 6 suburbans, and a Ford Escape for small groups or administrative needs.  Each vehicle goes through a rigorous annual inspection to insure the safety of our students and staff.  

Bus Rules can be found in your student handbook or click on link to the top right of this page.

If you have any questions concerning bus stop locations and / or route times, please contact Jeff Whitmore at 970-884-5508.

Jeff Whitmore - Director of Transportation
Bayfield School District
Office - 970-884-5508.

ext. 4006 0r 4018
Fax - 970-884-4284

Bus Route Descriptions and Times:
Please note that all route times have changed (later morning pickups and some later afternoon drops) as well as route numbers (Route 5 has been split between Route 11,15 and 16 depending on grade and address).  We will have a Transportation Table at all open houses to answer questions or feel free to call.  We will answer calls in the order received.  Thank you for you patience!

Basic Bus Route Descriptions


Route 2: a.m.-  E.160, Beaver Meadows, Forest Lakes (mid school and high school students),  

             Bear Creek, Pine River Ranches, lower part of CR 501

Route 2 p.m. BPS (1st in line), BIS, library (gymnastics), BMS (last in line), BHS, Bear Creek, Forest Lakes, Pine River Ranches, E 160, Beaver Meadows

Route 3 a.m.- Top of Vallecito, down CR 501 to CR 240, Dove Ranch (k-2)

Route 3- p.m.-2nd in line, Dove Ranch k-2, CR 501 starting at CR 240 to north of Vallecito

Route 7 a.m.- Buck Hwy, CR 524, CR 502/503, 505, Joe Stephenson Park, Mill and Church

Route 7 p.m.- Joe Stephenson Park, Mill and Church, Buck Hwy, CR 524, CR 502,505, 503

Route 11 a.m.- CR 523,525, 526 south end, Forest Lakes k-5, BHS k-8, BMS k-2,BIS (k-2),

Mini Mansions

Route 11 p.m.- Mini Mansions k-2, BIS, BMS, BHS, Forest Lakes k-5, CR 523,525,

              526 south end

Route 15 a.m.- 509, 514, 510,520,516, Trailer park on 526, Kraemer east 526, Sauls Creek

Route 15 p.m.-BPS, Trailer park on 526, Kraemer east 526, Sauls Creek, 509, 514, 510,    


Route 16 a.m.-Riverside RV, CR 506, W 160 to 223, 223, Narrow Gauge, Gem Village,

                    Homestead, 160b to Clover Dr., BPS (pick up all BMS and BHS)

Route 16 p.m.- 160b to Clover, BPS (drop all BMS and BHS), Riverside RV, CR 506,  

                    Homestead, Gem Village, CR 223, Narrow Gauge, West end of 160b.

Route "Primary" p.m. - pick up BIS, BMS, BHS students and drop at BPS bus loop.

Vehicle Requests:
follow link to request bus or school vehicle
BUS Rules: