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Our mission statement is to provide excellence in academics with student-centered instruction while concurrently maintaining a safe environment which provides all students with the opportunity to develop intellectually, emotionally and physically; assisting them to be productive members of the Bayfield community. 

We believe that ignorance is incalculably more expensive than education.  We feel that students and staff need to work smart, persevere, be self-motivated and self-controlled to be successful. We also believe that every student, parent, staff member and community member deserves to be heard, respected and dealt with fairly and honestly.  We understand the responsibility for providing a rigorous curriculum giving students the future-focused they will need in an ever-increasing world-wide competition. We are passionate about an educated populace and consider that nothing of excellence or greatness is accomplished without passion and hard work. 

We welcome feedback from others to assist us in our continuing improvement processes to make Bayfield Schools even better.