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State Mandated Testing

CMAS and CoAlt are assessments mandated by the Colorado Department of Education.  This year, CMAS tests for Math and English Language Arts will be administered to students grades 3 through 8.  A science assessment will be administered to 11th grade students.

The purpose of the CMAS assessments are to indicate the degree to which students have mastered the expectations of Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) in each content area at the end of the tested grade level. CMAS results are intended to provide a measure of a student’s academic progress.


How much time is required for testing?

ELA/CSLA unit testing time: 90-110 minutes

Math unit testing time: 65 minutes

Intermediate School / Middle School Science unit testing time: 80 minutes

High School Science unit testing time: 50 minutes


How are results used?

CMAS results are intended to provide one measure of a student’s academic progress relative to the CAS. Aggregated scores may be used by districts and schools to monitor their programs’ effectiveness by comparing performance from year to year.

So what are the tests like?
State tests are now taken on the computer. You may want to explore an online practice test!  CMAS practice test  This link is helpful for students to visit so they get used to seeing the questions, how they are worded and how they are set up within the test.

CMAS Testing Schedule:
Bayfield Intermediate Assessment Schedule

Middle School Assessment Schedule
Bayfield High School Assessment Calendar