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Bayfield Schools Accepting Out-of-District Students


We are pleased to be accepting out-of-district enrollment applications in Bayfield School District for the 2021-2022 school year. This open enrollment process is for students and families who reside outside our district. Families and students who reside within the boundaries of the Bayfield School District may also submit applications at this time, for example, kindergarten.


Highlights of the Process:

  • Open enrollment window is February 8, through March 26, 2021.
    • If you wish to enroll after March 26, 2021, please contact the school directly at the numbers listed below.
  • Completed enrollments submitted during this window will be given acceptance priority.
  • Open enrollment is based on space availability in each grade level, and is subject to verification of information in the completed enrollment packet.
  • Open enrollment acceptance is only guaranteed for each academic year, and may require an annual application.
  • Return completed packets to any Bayfield school.
All 2021-2022 packets are available for download in the side menu!
The principal/school will notify the family of acceptance or waitlist status after March 26, 2021. All prospective students and families must accept the invite to attend by Friday, April 9, or be moved to the waitlist.
To continue as a student in the district as an out-of-district student, please fill out the Intent to Continue Enrollment form found in the side menu.
For questions about the process, contact each school at the number below.



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