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Strategic Values Plan


Over a year of hard work and the collections of thousands of pieces of feedback, the Board of Education adopted a new Bayfield School District Strategic Values Plan on October 8, 2019.  

This plan is a modern one-page document that will guide the District's work for years into the future. We are thankful for the many hours across our district that were committed to the this process by community stakeholders and staff members.  

The approved plan has identified 4 strategic values that we believe and will use to guide this work:

--Our Students
--Our Community
--Our People
--Our Well-Being

Strategic Values Plan Graphic

The section below contains an archive of the documents used to create the 2019 Bayfield School District Strategic Plan. The strategic plan was build through 11 distinct versions, with input from the school district leadership and the board of education throughout each of the versions. All 11 versions are not included in the archive, but the three versions included versions 1.0, 4.0, and 8.2a, are included to demonstrate the progression of the planning process.
The two reports in the archive reflect the feedback that was collected from community and from staff.