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Student Data Privacy

Bayfield School District 10Jt-R


Bayfield School District 10Jt-R holds data and security in high regard and takes action to ensure that our students' data is handled securely in compliance with the Colorado Student Data Transparency and Security Act (HB 16-1423) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


Parents and guardians want assurances that personal information and data about their children are secure and protected by our school district. These questions are rising as we use the internet, mobile apps, cloud computing, online learning and new technologies to deliver exciting new education services.

At Bayfield School District, we want to be clear about collected student data, and how it is used. We take the obligation of protecting student information seriously and want to be transparent about student information collected and how it is used. Part of the district's work in this area has included bringing our data practices into compliance with the Colorado Student Transparency and Security Act.


Bayfield School District collects data for various reasons that support staff, students and parents. Personal identifiable data is protected as required by State and Federal law. Bayfield School District student data system is PowerSchool. It's data dictionary can be found here.


In addition to the data collected by the Colorado Department of Education, Bayfield School District generally collects and maintains the following on its data systems: 

  • Household Information 
    • Parent Name 
    • Address 
    • Email Address 
    • Phone Numbers 
    • Employer 
  • Attendance 
  • Fees 
  • Communication Records 
  • Medical Information 
    • Health Conditions 
    • Immunizations 
    • Medications 
    • Vision and Hearing Screening 
    • Doctor of Record 
  • Learning Accommodations 
  • Disciplinary Incident Details 
  • Bus Transportation Details 
  • Academic Performance Data 
    • Assessments 
    • Learning Activities 
    • Transcripts 
    • Grades 
  • Schedules 
  • Locker Assignments 
  • Currently Checked-out Media 
  • Account Access Logs



Teachers use data to understand when students are doing well and when they need help with instruction.

Students require feedback so that they can continue to improve or gain support.

Parents require data to know how they can support their children at home and in their studies.

School Officials need to know how the district is performing and make changes to help students succeed.



Third Party Contracts
School service contract providers with whom we contract:

A listing of current on demand school service providers can be found here.

Notice to on demand school service providers
If the District ceases using or refuses to use an on-demand school service provider pursuant to C.R.S. 22-16-107, the name of the on-demand school service provider will be posted below along with any written response that the on-demand school service provider submits. The District will also notify the Colorado Department of Education, which will post on its website the on-demand provider's name and any written response.
Request for information or communication.
Bayfield School District is responsive to our community and will react to inquiries or appeals.
The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding data privacy policies (Policies JRCB and EHC).

Bill Bishop, Director of Technology
Bayfield School District
800 CR 501
Bayfield, CO 81122

Unresolved requests after ten days may be sent to:
Dr. K. Kevin Aten, Superintendent
Bayfield School District
24 S. Clover Drive
Bayfield, CO 81122

Unresolved requests after twenty days may be sent to:
Bayfield School Board
24 S. Clover Drive
Bayfield, CO 81122