Teaching Teachers

While students and their families were beginning to enjoy their long weekend on February 23, educators in the Bayfield School District were in their respective school buildings, but most of them were taking a break from their responsibilities as teachers to play the role of student at the district’s most recent “Teacher Academy.”

The Teacher Academy offered three different learning sessions in each of Bayfield’s four schools over the course of the morning, and educators were able to tap into the expertise of their colleagues to learn new teaching techniques, familiarize themselves with district resources and experiment with different learning tools available in Bayfield classrooms.

At the conclusion of the Teacher Academy, staff members were asked to provide feedback on what they learned in a short survey that asked participants to rate their various experiences in the sessions they attended and to suggest ideas for future Teacher Academy events.

Bayfield Primary School

Hands-On Math Intervention Tools with Elizabeth Bauer and Kerri Bayles

Hands-On Math Intervention Tools

In this session teachers were introduced to hands-on materials that allow students to solidify their understanding of match concepts using concrete models. They also practiced with the materials, and learned why hands-on work is engaging and better prepares students for thinking about and working through math problems in the abstract form.

Backward Design ELA Planning with Becki Talbot and Katie Peak

Backward Design ELA Planning

Teachers were taken through the steps to plan an English/Language Arts lesson using backward design strategies and templates to meet the needs of all learners in the classroom.

Bayfield Intermediate School

What’s Wrong with My Chromebook with Tim Telep

What's Wrong With My Chromebook

In an effort to help maximize the time students spend on their tasks, teachers learned a range of troubleshooting techniques for a variety of issues students commonly encounter with their school-issued Chromebooks. Educators brought their own Chromebooks, and had accessibility and customization features demonstrated for them.

Gaming to Improve Social Skills with Kari Marsh

Gaming to Improve Social Skills

Participants in this session discovered the many social and emotional skills that can be taught using specific games in the classroom. Teachers learned how to lead multiple easy to implement games that they can use to teach, practice and improve a student’s ability to self-regulate and perservere through difficult tasks.

SEL for Google Drive — It’s Where Your Stuff Is with Tim Telep

SEL for Google Drive

Staff members brought their own Chromebooks and learned how to benefit from the use of Google Drive in teaching, organization and other professional tasks.

Bayfield Middle School

Mentors Reflection and Collaboration with Marcia Hoerl

Mentors Reflection

The mentor program was implemented over a year ago at BMS, and this session was designed for current mentor teachers to reflect on what is working in the program, what challenges are being faced by the mentors and what steps need to be taken to improve the program in the future. The mentor training program from the Instructional Coaching Institute was also discussed, as were plans to implement and align “The Impact Cycle” across all of the district’s campuses.

Intro to Artificial Intelligence for Teachers with Paul Pyatt

Intro to Artificial Intelligence

This session centered on hands-on activities in the computer lab, and included lessons on how to sign up for ChatGPT and use the platform. Participants viewed examples of Artificial Intelligence prompts and learned how to apply them to their own work practices.

Bayfield High School

Everything You Need to Know to Run the PAC with Derek Smith

Everything You Need to Know to Run the PAC

This workshop exposed participants to the very basics of the Performing Arts Center Auditorium technical systems, and they learned how to operate the various screens, microphones and other features of the PAC. Attendees were also shown where equipment is stored and provided with other tips to allow them to be self-sufficient when using the Performing Arts Center.

Writing by Hand: Literacy, Cognition and Trauma with Brian Sleeve

Writing By Hand

Participants uncovered ways in which writing by hand supports literacy, cognition and reading comprehension. Because writing by hand is a powerful task that builds patience and resilience while lowering affective filters it is directly relevant to a trauma-informed pedagogy. As such, educators considered lessons and activities which simultaneously support literacy and well-being through the power of a pen.