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Strategic Plan


The new strategic plan encompasses countless hours of work by the strategic plan committee made up of a broad spectrum of the Bayfield Community.  Two full-day community meetings, multiple sub-committee meetings, and four dedicated board meetings contributed to the development of a strategic plan that will focus our efforts to best meet the needs of all of our students as they prepare for their future.   The plan is centered around four priority areas:  Meeting Individual Student Success and Needs;  Exemplary Staff; Increase Student Access to Career and Technical Education Programming; and Co-Curricular/Extra-Curricular Activities Support.  In each priority area a guiding vision statement and goals and action steps  were created to clarify our direction as a school district.  This document will be treated as a living document that will be monitored and adjusted on a regular basis.

We are thankful for the many hours that our strategic plan committee has dedicated to this process.  They have identified worthy goals for the school district to be striving for.  The Bayfield School District is committed to the realization of these goals and seeks the community’s continued to support in creating a model education system for every student that walks through our doors.