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From the desk of Dr. Aten


Dear Patrons of Bayfield School District,


Welcome to 2019--Happy New Year

 We are off to another great semester in Bayfield Schools.  Winter has made much-needed return to Southwest Colorado.  Please know with our Colorado sun-filled days snow and melting cycles, comes early-morning ice. In addition to ice, we know the mornings can require a little extra time.  Also, our maintenance and grounds crews have done amazing jobs clearing snow and applying salt and sand.  Thank you for the extra time and slowing down in and around our campuses to keep everyone safe.  As always, if you see a concern on our school grounds, please speak with the school staff immediately as we all work together to keep our schools as safe as possible.


I am thankful to see how hard our district staff are working to team within the schools, and truly embodying how much each student and each employee matters in our Bayfield Schools. I am always touched by how much our parents and families care about Wolverine Pride as we proudly wear our “Purple Pride” every day in the schools, streets, and stores of Bayfield.


From the beginning of the redevelopment of the strategic plan to implementing new teaching strategies and curricular resources in our classrooms, we are future-focused and innovating across the district.  I hear the stories of our staff calling families to support student progress and the thankful parents/guardians for our weekly school newsletters.  I am thankful our staff is embracing our immersion in learning and teaching, and we are beginning the conversations about continuous improvement to align our systems and keep Bayfield Schools a future-focused district of attraction.


January is School Board Recognition Month

Thanks to our school board members, as unpaid volunteers, who support our children, families, and staff in numerous ways. Thank you to your many efforts and accomplishments. Just a few of our Board of Education’s accomplishments over the last year include: opened almost $40 million in new and remodeled school buildings, provided new curriculum support materials in literacy and numeracy, created strong support for social-emotional learning, shaped support for whole-child education, completed a policy review of out-of-date policies, hired a superintendent, and cheered and supported our 200 employees on a daily basis. On behalf of Bayfield School District, thank you for all you do for our district to help children thrive.


Strategic Planning Work Continues

On behalf of our all-volunteer and hard-working Board of Education, thanks to everyone who completed the survey. Please know this feedback will be used to inform our strategic plan update, and more importantly, inform and continue the excellence in Bayfield School District.  Were are going through the data, and will release the report soon.


As the first step in the Board of Education's work over the 2018-2019 school year to re-imagine our Bayfield School District Strategic Plan, the board has identified five areas for initial consideration. 


The five topic areas are presented in alphabetical order: 

  • Academic Achievement 
  • Professional Learning for Staff 
  • School, Family, and Community Relations 
  • Social-Emotional Well-Being 
  • Workplace Environment

This survey data is being used to measure the priority of each of the above five topic areas, and also offer all community stakeholders an opportunity to ensure we are on the right track and/or supply additional or ideas or subjects in this topic area.

Please "SAVE THE DATE" and plan to attend one of our Bayfield Community Strategic Planning Outreach Sessions on either January 31, 2019, or February 2, 2019.

Stay tuned, there will be opportunities for more feedback as we move through this visioning of our collective Wolverine Future.



With sincere appreciation,





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