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Dear Patrons of Bayfield School District,


Welcome to our 2020-2021 School Year!

The past five months have certainly been very challenging for our community as we all work together to navigate the realities of a global pandemic and now work to open our schools and our economy. The beginning of this new school year is different, but much remains the same…students are learning and teachers are teaching. We are certainly very excited to welcome our students and families back to Bayfield Schools and to move forward with providing an excellent education to each student, each day.


This past March when the decision was made to pause in-person instruction in our schools in order to help ensure safety for our families and staff, our leadership team immediately began planning for the upcoming school year.  As you continue to have questions and we update our plan, please see this link for more information open our plans and documents to address COVID.

Above all, the need to remain flexible and nimble are key factors as we move forward. While there are many things that are in our complete control, some things are changing quickly, and we are all doing our very best to ensure a safe and inspiring learning experience.

As a staff, we have certainly learned from our spring experience.  Our teachers and school leaders have worked hard to prepare for the remote learning portion of our school week in secondary schools to ensure our students will continue a rich academic environment that enhances the in-person learning each week.  For families utilizing CDLS for online-only, please know you are still and important member of our Wolverine Family, and we will continue to reach out yo yopur to track progress and ensure all educational assessments are completed.

The safety and health of our students and staff is the most important part of our plan for the upcoming school year.  Specific measures have been implemented in each of our schools to ensure that students and staff are able to go about their school day in a manner that will maximize safety.  These adjustments include facial coverings, cleaning regiments, and school cohorts as just a few examples of strategies to keep our schools open and students learning.  Needless to say, we are excited to have our students back in our schools.

Above all, I want to say “thank you” for your amazing support and patience over the past several months.  We know that none of this has been easy for our students, families, and staff.  One thing that this pandemic has reinforced is just how important our schools and the structure of a school day are for our families and our community.  We will continue to do every single thing that we can to ensure we continue our vision of Each Student, Each Day, Wolverine Way.


Strategic Plan

Our staff and Board of Education adopted a strategic values plan, with 4 key areas of focus.



 The four areas include: 

  • Our Students: Academic Achievement and Personalized Learning
  • Our Community: Family and Community Relationships 
  • Our People: Workplace Staff Culture and Environment
  • Our Well-Being: Social-Emotional Support


Under these 4 areas, the district is working on 13 action plans to move the work of the district forward in multiple pathways from high school capstones for all students to ensuring safe, clean and efficiency practices in our buildings and operations.


In addition to the four areas, we are also excited to build-out K-12 graduate outcomes for all students in Bayfield Schools.  We refer to these outcomes as our "Wolverine Way."  The next stage of the Wolverine Way, is defining the graduation outcomes, as we will work with teachers across the district, to describe our practices and related teachings that support these outcomes.  We will also use data gained from the community survey and community feedback session to ensure we are including the bold ideas and the strongly-held priorities from our community stakeholders.


BSD Wolverine Way


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