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Dear Patrons of Bayfield School District,


Welcome to a New Decade and 2020!

Thank you for being a part of the Bayfield School District family. We are confident you will find the Bayfield community and our schools a rewarding place to live, to work, and to thrive.  The Pine River Valley and the Bayfield School District are growing and partnering in new ways to keep our valley the most vibrant community in La Plata County.

The Bayfield School District is a caring and compassionate education system with a long history of high expectations for each student as we strive each day to collaborate for creating personalized learning opportunities to meet the diverse needs of all our students and our families.

From the redevelopment of the strategic plan to forging new partnerships, to implementing new curricular resources in our classrooms, we are future-focused and innovating across the district.  I am thankful our staff is embracing our immersion in learning and teaching, and we are having conversations about continuous improvement to align our systems, celebrating our progress, and keeping Bayfield Schools a future-focused district of attraction.


Strategic Planning Adopted By Board of Education

On behalf of our all-volunteer and hard-working Board of Education, thanks to everyone who completed our initial strategic planning survey and who attended an in-person feedback meeting.  Please know this feedback has been the cornerstone to inform our strategic planning update, and more importantly, inform and continue the excellence in Bayfield School District. 


Our staff and Board of Education adopted a strategic values plan, with 4 key areas of focus.



 The four areas include: 

  • Our Students: Academic Achievement and Personalized Learning
  • Our Community: Family and Community Relationships 
  • Our People: Workplace Staff Culture and Environment
  • Our Well-Being: Social-Emotional Support


Under these 4 areas, the district is working on 13 action plans to move the work of the district forward in multiple pathways from high school capstones for all students to ensuring safe, clean and efficiency practices in our buildings and operations.


In addition to the four areas, we are also excited to build-out K-12 graduate outcomes for all students in Bayfield Schools.  We refer to these outcomes as our "Wolverine Way."  The next stage of the Wolverine Way, during the 2019-2020 school year, is defining the graduation outcomes, as we will work with teachers across the district, to describe our practices and related teachings that support these outcomes.  We will also use data gained from the community survey and community feedback session to ensure we are including the bold ideas and the strongly-held priorities from our community stakeholders.


BSD Wolverine Way


Bayfield Site of Pueblo Community College

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