Superintendent Corona Virus Update April 15, 2020

Dear Bayfield Family,

Thank you for everyone’s commitment to our Bayfield School District learning continuation plan, and we proudly are experiencing over 95 percent of our students and our families engaging in home-based learning.  I hear the stories and read the social media posts, over the last few weeks, we have all learned much, from Google Hangouts to Schoology, to family games and puzzles.  Thank you for saving lives by continuing to stay home and stay safe.

At last night’s board of education meeting, based on a recommendation from our district leadership team, the board voted unanimously to amend the school calendar for the rest of this school year.

In numerous statewide conference calls with school district leaders, Governor Polis has all but assured us we will not return to face-to-face school instruction.  In making this difficult decision, we want to provide our community with the opportunity to know the Bayfield School District will continue our current learning continuation plan for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. In other words, we will continue with our home-based learning plan through May.  We further believe our Bayfield Family and all our stakeholders need the continuity and the certainty from knowing right now how we will close out this school year. 

We will also end our school year four school days early, on Friday, May 15, 2020.  Through changing in-service days to student days, we will have gained three additional days of instruction (March 30, April 20, and May 1). Our revised school calendar is posted under the district tab on our Bayfield Schools web site.

Graduation, originally planned for May 17, will be postponed.  Bayfield High School Principal Hanhardt is receiving ideas from the Class of 2020 and numerous community stakeholders with ideas how to celebrate the seniors’ graduation.  We will issue a graduation ceremony and celebration plan in May. 

We have all been working hard in our homes and at our jobs, so please know this Friday, April 17, which was a planned day of school closure, will remain a day of school closure.  We will not serve meals this day, either.  I am asking our staff, community, students to enjoy a much-needed three days weekend, safely at home and with good social distancing, but away from schoolwork and technology.

One final note.  April is the month for the 2020 Census.  School districts, counties, and other public entities rely on accurate census data for funding and for proper rural representation in Washington D.C.  Please have our voice heard and complete the census, and it is required by law.  Please follow the link and complete your census today.

Thank you for all you are doing and your continued support of the Bayfield School District.  Thank you for showing your Wolverine Pride in so many ways.



Dr. K. Kevin Aten
Superintendent of Schools
Bayfield School District
"Each Student, Each Day: Wolverine Way"