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Bayfield Welcomes back Students in Assembly!

Published on 08/20/2014 at 9:03 a.m. by aroach


In efforts to start the 2014-2015 school year off right, Bayfield High School student council organized a well-executed welcome back assembly for all the students and staff. After one meeting prior to the first day of school, led by counselor Amy Miglinas, the student counsel organized a great introduction to the new school year for everyone. The assembly began with an introduction by Meaghan Mooney and Jessica Cusick, both members of the student counsel, welcoming back all the returning students and staff and getting the new freshmen off to a great first day of high school. After introducing all the new staff members to the district, they started off the day with a fun game involving students from each class. The volunteers played a game much like musical chairs where, when the music stopped, they had to run around the gym finding scattered balloons and run back fast enough to pop them inside a square of cones. Each round, someone who could not find a balloon and pop it, was out. With one getting out every round, it narrowed down to the winner, senior, Morgan Allred. 

Next, the senior members of all the fall sports were brought down to introduce themselves and talk about their upcoming seasons. Another game was introduced by student counsel, a relay race. Five students from each grade were chosen to be on a team and got to race against the other teams from each class head to head. The conclusion of the assembly was brought to an end with senior, Olivia Gettman, promoting FOR Club (Friends of Rachel) and its goals to maintain a healthy and respectful environment for the whole school year. Bayfield High School is looking forward to an extremely successful year. Welcome back!

Amy Roach,  Media Relations Intern, BSD